This exhibition is a SELECT overview of mummymania in nineteenth century America, using contemporary items which have been drawn from both cataloged and uncataloged collections at the American Antiquarian Society. The entire exhibition is intended to be a SAMPLER and showcase of the varied collections of the American Antiquarian Society from which I drew much of the research for my book Mummies in Nineteenth Century America; Ancient Egyptians As Artifacts (McFarland 2009) and the EMINA (Egyptian Mummies in North America) online database If you want to know more about the exhibits, please check out the book! There is a lot more in there than there on this website.

In addition, the exhibition has been embellished with items from the private collection of S.J. Wolfe as well as modern photographs and maps by S.J. Wolfe and David A. Rawson. Thanks to the American Antiquarian Society for allowing me to use my research and providing the images for this exhibition. Thanks also to my husband, David A. Rawson for the maps and some of the photographs, and to John Taylor of the British Museum and Aidan Dodson for their expertise and commentary.

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