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Woodcut of the mummy Allamistakeo awakening.

Mummies at the British Museum.

Paper Mills in Gardiner.jpg
Postcard showing the rear view of the paper mills in Gardiner, Maine.

Stanwood & Towar2.jpg
Postcard of Stanwood & Towar Mill, later Hollingsworth & Whitney.

S.D. Warren postcard.jpg
Postcard view of Cumberland Mills.

New Dam.jpg
Postcard view of the new dam at Great Falls, built by S.D. Warren Co.

Gardiner, late 1890's.jpg
Postcard view of Gardiner, Maine.

Everyday life mummy.jpg
An image of an "everyday" coffin which is similar to the one shown in the Barnum advertisement.

Peale's museum.jpg
Watercolor of Peale's New York Museum.

Gadsby's Hotel (Also known as the National Hotel) where Turner's mummy was exhibited.

Metal Padi inside.jpg
Intaglio print of the lid of the outer coffin of Padihershef

Mummy book cover.jpg
A history of Egyptian mummies as artifacts in 19th century America.

New Orleans.jpg
Lithographed bird's eye view of the city of New Orleans.

Met fair1 (2).jpg
An unidentified mummy which was exhibited at the Metropolitan Fair.

Met fair1 (3).jpg
Unidentified Egyptian antiquities exhibited at the fair.

Met fair1 (4).jpg
"Mummy wheat" or "Egyptian wheat"

Portrat of Morton, one of the foremost ethnologists of his day.

NO souvenir.jpg
Location of George Gliddon's final mummy unwrappings. The Lyceum was located on the second floor of the City Hall for the Second District. Later known as Gallier Hall.

Notes by Samuel George Morton on the types of mankind and the subject of race.

Blue tranfer printed Staffordshire pottery with images of Scudder's Museum. Djedkhonsuiuesankh (Mummy) was exhibited here.

mormom map.jpg
Map of the documented travels of the "Mormon mummies."

Dagguereotype of Poe.

Arcade (Philadelphia).jpg
View of Ruben Peale's Baltimore museum.

Description of one of the Chandler mummies.

The Pasha of Egypt.

Turner's mummy.jpg
Woodblock of Djedkhonsuiuesankh (Mummy)

Djedkhonsuiuesankh (Mummy) was exhibited here. It burned in 1860.

Scudder's American Museum. Djedkhonsuiuesankh (Mummy) was exhibited here.

Congress Spring.jpg
View of the Spring House.

Barnum's Museum.jpg
View of Broadway showing Barnum's American Museum.

Castle garden.jpg
View of Castle Garden, where the autopsy of Lee's mummy was carried out.

Unidentified mummy, in colored coffin.

Leemummy map.jpg
Map of the documented exhibitions of Capt. Lee's mummy.

Boylston's mummy news.jpg
Map showing the dissemination of the news of Boylston's mummy over a six-week period.

Boylston mummy at AAS #1.jpg
Manuscript account of Boylston's gift of mummy relics, August 1820.

Boylston mummy at AAS .jpg
Manuscript account of Boylston's gift of mummy relics to the AAS in November 1819.

Barnum program.jpg
List of exhibits, including mummies.

Map of the documented travels of the mummies from the brig Peregrine.

Barnum royal mummy.jpg
Barnum hyping up his mummy.

The dramatic event which unleashes the mummy's curse.

Snippet of advertising for the mummies at the Boston Museum.

Hand colored map of Norwich which was issued inside the Norwich Jubilee book.

Norwich fine.jpg
Gold-stamped and gold-tooled tan morocco leather binding for the deluxe edition of the Norwich Jubilee book.

One of two bindings for the Norwich Jubilee book. This was the less expensive of the two.

Cutting the paper from the big rolls was another job that women could do in the papermills.


Fourdrinier machines took the raw materials and converted them to basic paper.

Putting the slurry from the tank into the papermaking machinery.

The pulp is ground to make a slurry before going into the machines.

Rags were washed again and beaten to break down the pieces into a pulp.

Rags were boiled to complete the cleaning process.

Rags being cut into small pieces, and debris being removed.

Westbrook mill 2.jpg
S.D. Warren imported mummy rags as a source for fiber in his Cumberland Mills.

Westbrook mill1.jpg
Mummy rags were stored here and shipped to S.D. Warren Company's other mills in Maine.

Westbrook mill 3.jpg
View of the falls and mill buildings on the Presumpscott River.

Some of the mummies and antiquities in the Abbott Collection.

Padi outer coffin.jpg
Trough or the outer coffin of Padihershef after conservation and restoration.

View of the falls, dam and remaining mill buildings of the S.D. Warren Company, that made paper from mummy wrappings in Westbrook, Maine.

Mormon mummy head.jpg
The only known illustration of one of the mummies which Michael Chandler had.

Boston Museum outside.jpg
Exterior view of the Boston Museum, owned by Moses Kimball.

Deck's observations and calculations on the amount of mummy wrappings available, and a proposal to use these as a source for making paper.

Scraps of the linen wrappings of Got-Mut-As-Anch, one of the mummies Gliddon upnwrapped in Philadelphia. The collector is unknown.

Gliddonhandbillverso (3).jpg
Handwritten anonymous note about the unwrapping of Got-Mut-As-Anch.

Coffins of Got-Mut-As-Anch, one of the mummies Gliddon unwrapped in Philadelphia.

Drawing of Barnum mummy.jpg
Drawing of an unidentified mummy in Barnum's American Museum. This may be a generic drawing as it does not match the images in the museum catalogue.

Catalogue Barnum mummy.jpg
Image and description of a mummy in Barnum's museum. Does not match the image in the view of the Sixth Saloon or the image from Sights and wonders in New York.

Padi inner coffin2.jpg
Lid of the inner coffin of Padihershef, at the Ether Dome, Massachusetts General Hospital.

Map of some of the places in which the "Blockhead Mummy" was exhibited.

Map showing the places where Capt. Turner's mummy was exhibited.

Map of all the locations where Padihershef was exhibited.

Isaac Augustus Stanwood, partner of William Towar. They made mummy paper at their mill in Gardiner, Maine.

Peregrine mummy 2.jpg
Inner coffin of an unidentified female mummy, which arrived on the brig Peregrine in 1824.

Peregrine mummy 1.jpg
Outer coffin of an unidentified male mummy which arrived aboard the brig Peregrine in Boston in 1824.

Greenwood broadside.jpg
Advertisement for display of the two mummies from the Peregrine and Larkin Turner's mummy.

Great Falls.jpg
Modern view of the Great Falls Dam, all that is left of the paper mill that it served.

Stanwood & Towar.jpg
Originally the Cobbossee Mill, then Stanwood & Tower, then Hollingsworth & Whitney. Mummy paper was made at this mill, and it is the only mummy paper mill still standing in Gardiner, Maine.

Outer coffin in new display after conservation at the George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum.

Padihershef's outer coffin as it would have been displayed.

Padihershef in case.jpg
Padhershef in the original wood and glass cases made by Henry Williams.

Padi face.jpg
The face of Padihershef as revealed by an autopsy by John Collins Warren and others.

The mummy of Padihershef as he was displayed in the trough of his innermost coffin at the Ether Dome, Massachusetts General Hospital. The glass case is the original, made by Henry Williams.

Padi coffin face.jpg
The face of the inner coffin of the mummy Padihershef. Modern photograph taken in the Ether Dome at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Illustrations of two coffins on exhibition with Barnum's circus.

Boston Museum catalogue.jpg
Cover of the catalogue for the Boston Museum

Boston mummy head.jpg
This is the head of the mummy Gliddon unwrapped in Boston.

Gliddonhandbill (4).jpg
Handbill, printed in red ink, for the exhibition of the Panorama of the Nile in Philadelphia.

One of the largest paper manufactories in the world, used mummy wrappings to make paper.

The Norwich Jubilee book was printed on paper made from mummy wrappings.

Boylston mummy.jpg
Newspaper account of the arrival of Boylston's mummy in Boston.

Egypt skulls.jpg
Ethnological description of Egyptian mummy skulls.

Phrenology head 2.jpg
Male mummy head in the collection of the Phrenological Museum of New York.

Illustration of the "mummy" trying to hide behind a screen.

Lithograph of the fire that destroyed Barnum's American Museum.

One of the early plays featuring an mummy theme.

Peale token.jpg
Admission tokens for Peale's Museum, New York.

Another advertisement for the Blockhead mummy.
Advertisement for exhibition of the "Blockhead mummy."

Portrait of Junius Brutus Booth.
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