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Peale's museum.jpg
Watercolor of Peale's New York Museum.

NO souvenir.jpg
Location of George Gliddon's final mummy unwrappings. The Lyceum was located on the second floor of the City Hall for the Second District. Later known as Gallier Hall.

Blue tranfer printed Staffordshire pottery with images of Scudder's Museum. Djedkhonsuiuesankh (Mummy) was exhibited here.

Arcade (Philadelphia).jpg
View of Ruben Peale's Baltimore museum.

Djedkhonsuiuesankh (Mummy) was exhibited here. It burned in 1860.

Scudder's American Museum. Djedkhonsuiuesankh (Mummy) was exhibited here.

Congress Spring.jpg
View of the Spring House.

Barnum's Museum.jpg
View of Broadway showing Barnum's American Museum.

Castle garden.jpg
View of Castle Garden, where the autopsy of Lee's mummy was carried out.

Westbrook mill1.jpg
Mummy rags were stored here and shipped to S.D. Warren Company's other mills in Maine.

View of the falls, dam and remaining mill buildings of the S.D. Warren Company, that made paper from mummy wrappings in Westbrook, Maine.

Boston Museum outside.jpg
Exterior view of the Boston Museum, owned by Moses Kimball.

Peale token.jpg
Admission tokens for Peale's Museum, New York.

Wyman's hall.jpg
View of Wyman's Museum where two of the mummies from the Mormons were exhibited.

Tremont street.jpg
View of Tremont Street, showing Tremont Temple and other buildings.

Woods museum fire 1.jpg
Half of a stereograph view of the ruins after the Great Fire of 1871.

Masonic temple.jpg
View of the Masonic Temple where Michael Chandler exhibited his mummies.

Pacific museum.jpg
Interior view of the Pacific Museum on Anatomy showing the different types of display, including mummies.

Boston museum interior.jpg
View of the interior of the Boston Museum and Gallery of Fine Arts.

New England Museum small.jpg
The New-England Museum (Boston, Mass)
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