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mormom map.jpg
Map of the documented travels of the "Mormon mummies."

Leemummy map.jpg
Map of the documented exhibitions of Capt. Lee's mummy.

Boylston's mummy news.jpg
Map showing the dissemination of the news of Boylston's mummy over a six-week period.

Map of the documented travels of the mummies from the brig Peregrine.

Hand colored map of Norwich which was issued inside the Norwich Jubilee book.

Map of some of the places in which the "Blockhead Mummy" was exhibited.

Map showing the places where Capt. Turner's mummy was exhibited.

Map of all the locations where Padihershef was exhibited.

Warren mill site.jpg
Paper was made from mummy wrappings at this mill.

Gardiner mill sites.jpg
Most of the papermills on the Cobbossee Conte made paper from mummy wrappings.
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